We, at Engelic School Uniforms have been in business since 1976, almost from the day school uniforms were introduced in the frum schools. And while we’re looking ahead, we’re filling the needs of students every day, as you know. As the first dedicated business to school uniforms, we’ve been proud to work with schools in fulfilling the specific needs of their students. Here are some highlights of what we offer:

We offer all sizes &  tznius (modest) lengths in solid color skirts: black, gray, navy, green, as well as many plaids.

We have a large quantity of in – house stock of Oxford blouses in solid colors & stripes, as well as Peter Pans & gingham. All our blouses have tznius (modest) buttons.

Our large inventory includes coordinating sweaters.

We offer convenient on-line ordering.

Special new featured item: zip-up velours with or without hoods & pockets - available in navy or black - sizes 5/6 thru XXL.

Your school logo can be embroidered on blouses, sweaters, velours or sweatshirts.

In over 30 years in business, we pride ourselves in serving the schools and the parent body with quality clothes that meet the requirements of the school. For the parents, it’s the knowledge that their children will be well dressed but appropriate for every school’s policies. That’s what makes us so unique in that we have over the years become a leader with both the schools and the parents.

We hope that as you plan for the new school year, that you also remember that Engelic is a center of all your students uniform needs.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 718-851-4580 to discuss all your school’s uniform needs.

We are closed on all Jewish Holidays.